Your opinion on GAME

  • I've been watching GameCredits lately and feel like putting some money on it for long term. I'd like to hear your thoughts about it and also about the current price it is being traded at. With the latest announcements and the MobileGo ICO there have been quite a hype around it. Do you guys think it is now overpriced ?
    Any additional thoughts on it ?

    Thanks !

  • @Gadrah_ I don't really follow it closely but I think it has huge potential once games start using cryptocurrencies as in-game payments/rewards. There are few games that are trying it already but with other cryptos for some weird reson ( Spells of Genesis and
    It can be fun, it has future but the question is how far is that future and will they really use that crypto^^ I believe their only success for now is in pay2win small games but as mentioned earlier I don't follow them closely^^

  • @Hyzi0 Either way the video game market is huge ! With mobile games alone we are talking tens of billions of dollars, so acquiring just a fraction of a percentage of that market could easily push GAME marketcap to one billion dollar (still, easier said then done). One of the last big news is that the game Cut the Rope (with millions of hits on the play store) accepts gamecredits now on their platform. From what I understood they want to prove themselves with smaller games and companies before working with the bigger developpers.
    But as there have been a lot of announcements and things going on this month with all the hype associated I ask myself if the price we have now is overvalued and if it is really wise to jump in now :)