Cannot get Burst wallet to work

  • I can not get my wallet set up to work. I install the AIO. I create a new wallet and save the passphrase. Now it shows me the dashboard with an Account ID in the top left. I wait for the Syncing Local Wallet to reach 100%. I click down below to write new plot. I pick the drive, size, and enter my Account ID. I let it finish. Everything is fine up until now. I click the Faucets drop down menu. Half of the links time out, but for the ones that don't, I enter my Account ID and play pict pick captcha. Every time, it says "Sorry, faucet could not access wallet in order to send your BURST. Please try again later." One of them asks for Account Location (I'm guessing it means Account ID?) and doesn't give me an error, but it says I have to wait 60 min before trying again, and I never receive anything to my wallet. So I cannot figure out how to fund my wallet. And I am using the online wallet, not local.

    Here is my Account ID if anyone wants to try and send me something BURST-JTPB-S4W2-D6PB-8PS7E.

    When I try to mine, it will not let me assign a Reward Recipient. Always get Error 5: Account Unknown. I am guessing that is because it needs 1 burst to change and my wallet is empty and has never made a transaction.

    I've spent 2 days now trying to get this thing set up. Complete re-install and re-plotting several times. Follow every step from the vids and tutorials. Nothing works.

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  • I see you received some Burst, tell us if the issue is solved :)

  • I got the same problem.
    Someone can help me please?