Whta does this mean?

  • Hi,
    I'd much appreciate if someone can please explain what this means? Does it mean that I am only finding blocks with 'drive D' (internal drive). I have less than 2tb on 'driven D (internal drive)' and around 4 tb on the other drives F, P and G (external drives). I just want to know if the investment i made on the external drives was worth it or what can i do about it.


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  • everything looks good ... you are finding deadlines and submiting them ... with the prog you are running there is no way to know witch drive found the deadlines thou i can tell you that because D: finished scanning befor the found DL post it was most prob not on your D: drive .. but in any case you are not geting any errors so thats a good thing.

  • depending on the prog you use CPU vs GPU in your case you are using CPU. it will locate the plots on your drives and scan as many as it can at one time if there are more it will then scan the others ..... as it finds deadlines it will post the found deadline message as it finishes a drive it will post how long it took to scan that drive. all of the found deadlines in the screen shot could of come from any of the drives that had not finished scanning.
    also to note that you are not "finding blocks" you have found deadlines that have been submited to the pool you are on ... all the deadlines submitted by everyone on that pool will be grouped in order of best to worst time.. then the pool will brodcast it's best submited deadline to all of the other pool's / solo miners and of all of them the best deadline win's the block.. if your pool was the winner then the reward is split normaly 60/40 current / historic various pools varry in % amounts.. the person who submited the deadline to the pool gets the largest cut of the 60% with each person in line after progessive geting smaller amount.... the 40% gets divided up the same way but the list of people it uses is based on the last 50 blocks each person submited deadlines for " historic " amount. the burst you earn will then be differed to your account. the pools set thresholds to payout because it cost 1 burst fee for each time you send. to cut down on fees most have a threshold of 300 burst or at a set time once per day witch ever is reached first.