Coins that died...

  • Imagine this...
    a new coin created where everyone flocked to it because they believed that it was gonna be good investment. 2 years later the last miner stopped mining and the coin died. This is what happens to many coins. When a coin exist and its network is bustling with miners i see it as a living thing. Good things and bad things happen to living things. People can abuse them to make money or they can introduce them to people to make them more known. Lets not abuse this coin like so many other coins that have died...

    sorry for this paragraph lol. im kinda bored cause middle of summer but it just sounds sad to me when a coin dies and can never be sent again.

  • Here's the deal, and this is why "I" am advocating a strong Marketing Plan with BURST. Over half of BURST has been mined and at one point mined by a single individual. We have a little over 2.5 years more or less before ALL of BURST coins will be mined and put into circulation.

    What is going to happened to Miners as well as the coin if BURST has NOT created created projects and alliances with its Decentralized Autonomous Organization? It will die and be amongst the "ShiTcoins". Sorry no need to sugarcoat it. Miners will be sitting on Millions of worthless coins that have no future. Don't think it can happen to BURST? Read the Dead Altcoin thread. I bet those ppl who mined and had those dead coins thought they too were sitting on top of the world and found the best thing since slice bread, and look were they are at.

    If "You" aren't doing ALL that YOU can do to promote BURST' and assisting the Core BURST Dev Team in making BURST a household name..don't worry there will come a time when you won't have too,.because it will be a dead coin.

  • Reading the thread in the link, so many coins are gone

    Shows how much mining has to be spread across for coin to survive

  • @tpriyan its just feels so weird and almost epic to hear the story of a coin

  • yeah agree @stupendelious

  • BURST has a very strong network, regardless of at one point being highly dominated by a single miner. It is a strong coin, with many supporters and multiple active people developing its future. I believe wholeheartedly that the coin will survive, but it does take everyone doing what they can to promote it to anyone and everyone they know.

    The goal, is to get the coin used enough to support the miners with the tx fees, keep that in mind, and happy BURSTing. 🙂