help please I am getting an error with xplotter

  • I used the wallet to plt my 2tb wd mypassport drive and I am getting this message

    Plotter v1.0 for BURST
    programmers: Blago, Cerr Janror, DCCT

    Checking directory...
    Drive d:\ info:
    File system: exFAT
    Serial Number: 1081193376
    Bytes per Sector: 512
    Sectors per Cluster: 1024
    Error creating stream for file d:\burst\plots\16872648834240427378_400000001_7999664_7999664


    can any one see whats wrong and tell me how to correct it

    many thanks

  • @ironmonger try reformatting the drive to NTFS and see if that fixes it.

  • admin

    @ironmonger As @VNeck said, you need NTFS. XPlotter uses a stream file to keep track of it's progress and to be resumable - stream files are only available with NTFS.

  • The problem that I have is the drive wont format to ntfs I have tried multiple times and the format always fails.
    Can you recomend another plotter that will work with exfat

  • admin

    @ironmonger What OS are you on, and what error do you get when trying to format as NTFS ?

  • windows 10 and error message

    the format was unable to complete

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    @ironmonger said in help please I am getting an error with xplotter:

    the format was unable to complete

    Okay, that's new to me - you can try this procedure, but be very careful to follow each step exactly, or if you want help I can do a teamviewer session with you.

    • Run a Command Prompt as administrator
    • from there run: diskpart - this may take a minute to start
    • from the diskpart prompt do "list disk"
    • This will list the disks in your system, if you can 100% identify the drive giving you problems, proceed.
    • do "select disk X" where X is the disk number matching the drive you're having issues with from the list above
    • once X has been selected do "clean" - THIS WILL ERASE ALL DATA ON THE DRIVE, so be sure it's the correct drive.
    • DO "exit" to quit DiskPart.
    • Run the GUI Disk Partition Manager - it'll show the newly erased disk.
    • Right click in in it, select Create Simple Partition, File System NTFS, Quick Format etc.

  • Thanks for that, I will let you know if the format works