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  • Hello, my name is Ryan, and I want to introduce myself a little bit.

    A few months ago, I finally took the plunge and started learning about cryptocurrencies. I jumped from one to another, reading, and learning as much as I could. I started out mainly being interested in long term investments, and possibly some mining. I found myself going back to BURST a lot. Not only did I really like the concept of the burst system, I liked the community as well. So, here I am!

    For the past 4-5 years, I have been running an electronics recycling and salvage business here in Sacramento, CA. Usually people ask if I "get the gold out of computers". While I have fiddled with a process or two, for the most part I don't mess around with that. I sell precious metal scrap to larger businesses that process them, and also ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A good portion of what I do is also testing and selling parts. For anyone that loves messing with hardware, this is the business for you...while you don't usually get the newest and coolest hardware, you make up for that with the TONNAGE of things you get. I sell on ebay for the most part, but perhaps I will list some things in the burst marketplace in the future.

    For most of my life, I worked in the restaurant industry bartending for the majority of the time. I grew tired of the grind, and ended up moving into what I do now. I really like to cook, and have developed a lot of BBQ recipes. I have a couple smokers that are now being neglected. Most of my time is put into my work and my family now, there isn't much time for anything like I used to do like running a smoker for two days straight :)

    I really like the what burst has to offer especially the asset exchange. I guess this will be my new "hobby", but also, hopefully an investment as well. I hope to be around for a long time.

    Thanks for reading!

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    @ryanw Welcome to the community - come in and enjoy.

  • Thanks @haitch ! I did forget to mention that I'm already mining. I started with a 1.5TB drive, and have an 8TB external half way done plotting now. I'm hoping to add 8-16TB per month...but we'll see what happens. I do have an advantage of not having to put everything on one computer. I definitely don't have a shortage of computers.

  • @ryanw Welcome to Burst :)

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    @ryanw Welcome on board ...

  • @ryanw

    Sounds cool! Welcome to the community :)

  • Welcome to the community!

  • Welcome to the community Ryan. At your work, what was the most interesting thing that you have come across in the salvage business? I bet you have seen some crazy things.

    The BBQ thing sounds great. My wife and I are seriously considering a small smoker to use this summer for our grilling. It'll be the first time owning one but am excited to slow cook and smoke some ribs and various meats.

  • Thank you everyone!

    @socalguy Off the top of my head, I can think of one thing in particular:

    My warehouse is located next to a retired airbase. A couple units down, someone abandoned their unit, and left the maintenance guy to pick it all up. I traded the guy a display case I had to take all of the scrap metal from the unit. At the end of it all, he pointed out this approx 1-1/2 foot tall cylinder under a table in the back, and asked me if I wanted it. Sure...I'll go grab it.

    I grabbed a handle on it, to drag it out from under the table, and I was soon leaning all my weight into it and it wasn't budging. Then the handle snapped which was made of aluminum. Finally drug it out with a lot of effort, and what it was was this:


    This isn't the exact one, but I couldn't find my pictures right now. A brass covered "Lead Shield" from the atomic energy commission. My ideas about what it was used for went to some extremes, but I decided it was for shielding whatever was inside from ambient radiation, not trying to keep people safe from something inside. Inside was only a couple inches in diameter and tall. The thing weighed, I believe 250 lbs. Sold it to a private collector.

    Smoking is great fun with great rewards. I would suggest reading about smoking using a weber before you buy into anything. From there, you will decide if you want to go further, and with this you get what you pay for. The tiny brinkman smoker cylinders are almost useless without modification FYI. Most of the things you find in home depot, lowes, etc may make you happy for a little bit, but you find that they aren't designed properly. I modified everything like that that I bought. My greatest triumph was modifying a restaurant bakery proofer into a smoker. Could do 50 lbs of salmon at once, it was great. I currently have a friend slowly working on turning a farm diesel tank trailer into a smoker for me. If you're researching smokers, look up ones that use reverse flow. One of the pains in cheaper models is dealing with uneven heat.

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  • @ryanw that lead shield thing is crazy! I wonder what they kept inside of it and for how long. I knew an older guy that worked for the Hanford power plant in Washington State. He told me inside of the walls were bricks of lead that blocked the radiation. Crazy stuff.

    We were looking that smokers from Home Depot. I almost got one at a yard sale for $15 but the guy decided to keep it. Yea, I'm still researching everything right now. It's a pretty big buy, so we wanna make sure we are going to use for a long time. We do use our gas grill a lot but I think I'll only use the smoker a few times a year. idk, maybe I'll go crazy and start smoking chili's like @haitch. :)

    Thanks @haitch for the link. :)