Crowetic's "WorldMine" - Lets Analyze its Performance (Exposed)

  • Crowetic released his asset titled "WorldMine" at the beginning of the year. Although I don't own any now, when it first came out I grabbed quite a few at the price of 90. The first few dividends seemed pretty good, but I very quickly realized just how under performing the asset truly was compared to its promises. I sold my shares at a small profit and am happy I did not get stuck in that asset. Today I am going to analyze how big the dividends currently are compared to how big they should be using the money received from the asset sales. I am going to give Crowetic every benefit possible during this calculation.

    First lets look at what his latest dividends was: 180,000 burst total on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 to 940898 shares which is the entire asset.

    We will use this number as his weekly money production and the number of shares as the amount of money he received from this asset.

    If we say that he sold all his shares at 90 (He actually sold many at 95) there would be a burst total of
    90 * (940,898 - 100,000 for Crowetic's running fee) = about 75,000,000 burst to purchase equipment for farm.

    How much money is 75,000,000 burst? Well we have to go back to January and see how much burst was worth at that time. According to Coin Market Cap, a good average I would say for the price of burst at that time would be $500 per 1,000,000 burst. So that makes the total money for the farm to be about $37,500! That is a lot of money!

    Now how much mining power could you get with $37,500? I currently own a rig for my own mining that has 5 Msi Rx 470s and hashes at around 145 MH/s on ethhash. I spent a grand total of $1,175 on the rig. I will use these number as my benchmark to judge his asset's performance. This is also the first gpu mining rig i have built so i think it is fair to use it against crowetic's asset because he is a "pro" at gpu mining. Knowing that I found a couple of great deals for my rig, I am going to act like I payed $1,500, 25% more than I actually payed for it! So with that number, Crowtic should have been able to buy
    $37,500 total/$1,500 per rig = 25 of my styled rigs.

    Now how much does each rig make? Well with 25 rigs, you should be able to have an ethhash hashrate of
    145 MH/s per rig * 25 rigs = 3,625 MH/s ethhash

    Using WhatToMine we calculate that this hashrate would make a total of $330 a day mining ethereum without electricity cost, but we will give crowetic the benefit and say each rigs is only making $10 a day or $250 a day without electricity. We do not need to include electricity cost because according to crowetic "The investors into the asset will not be paying for running costs, that will come from the owner's portion." So with this said, every week the payout should be around $1750

    Using the price of burstcoin on Tuesday when Crowtic made his payout, about $2200 per 1 million burst, We calculate that the payout should have been around $1750/$.002200 per burstcoin = about 800,000 burstcoin! This amount is hilariously off the amount that gets payed to it every week, over 4x more!!! It is almost like only 30% of the funds were actually used for the asset! So the question is where are those funds going?

    This asset currently has medium volume sell orders at around 70ish, already 25% down from the original asset issuer sells, but with this calculation it really should be trading at 20-30.

    If you see anything wrong with my calculations I am completely open to correction.

  • I can't say I looked into any of this but if what you say is true it makes me mad as my asset took a lot of hits when it was released but I am 100% open with every burst, sat. and dollar. that goes in our out.

  • @stupendelious sorry to change the subject slightly but what sort of rig you got in detail? maybe a new thread i want to get something that has a $5-10 a day payout

  • Woah, i must say this is indeed quite shocking, but i kind of experienced something as well as I invested a lot in uniburst initially, at that moment it was like 400euro worth of burst, and the payout each week was about 2euro. I have a gpu mining rig as well and figured one card made this amount in a day, day and a half, or so at the time(max 2). Where were the other 5?. Now i am not sure about the calculations or anything as i havent checked that, but i did feel it was a rather low payout. Got out of the asset some time ago so cant really be bothered anymore, but its still really shocking if its true. Wonder if we can get a statement, or someone else to crack the numbers?

  • Very freaking interesting. Thanks much for your research.

  • I can't wait to get out of crow's assets... all of them have been a waste. And I only invested in the early ones.

  • @falconCoin Yes I could make a part list of what I got. I'll try to do it tomorrow if I remember.

  • What you get for trying to get people aware of this: 0_1493603722875_upload-dcef42a3-2aa6-4021-9fc5-d97476cd3b0b

    I guess this guys right, I don't understand burst even though I have made a beginners guide to how burst works and have exposed many asset scams in the past. I also don't get what a Gpu mining farm asset is even though I have a rig myself lol. If crow is so busy with the assets he runs, why does he start another one every other month even though he is still trying to finish the previous one? And instead of banning me saying that my math is way off maybe you can tell me whats so off about it??? I have already messaged him about this before on the blockchain and he has failed to respond so this is why it came out this way.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @stupendelious sweet thanks!

  • @stupendelious said in Crowetic's "WorldMine" - Lets Analyze its Performance (Exposed):

    If crow is so busy with the assets he runs, why does he start another one every other month even though he is still trying to finish the previous one?

    Yes I think this is the root of the problem. With the work needed to get BN up and running, the Asset consolidation work, the massive amount of work on the infrastructure in two locations and all the usual family commitments it's all just too much for one person.

    Under normal circumstances, whether your findings were correct or misguided, Crow would have responded to your post, there would have been some healthy discussion, we would all have learnt something and a consensus would have been reached.

    However these Days I am afraid you have been hit by the one rule for the "Elite" and another for the rest of us. They can discredit and trash anyone they like but if we dare to question then the solution is a Ban. At least it's a short Ban so you have a second chance, however beware you are judged by both what you post on BN and here.


  • Yes. as mentioned in your ban message they tell you to take it up with crow first. I think that's a good idea and see if he can offer you a well established explanation before we go and 'ruin' his asset here. I do agree the numbers are off, but maybe there's something else going on that hasn't been considered. Just like what happened with BTCDragon, which was an unjustified attack which sparked a major volume decrease for no real reason.

    We are still family! even though both forums see each-other as those annoying uncles that you feel disgraced you share a bloodline with.
    ah well, I'm curious what you'll find. keep us updated!
    Thanks for your research!

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    that is what he said in his thread, and plus not to go against your evidence, but in my opinion I like worldmine and its no power concept

  • @HiDevin said in Crowetic's "WorldMine" - Lets Analyze its Performance (Exposed):



    that is what he said in his thread, and plus not to go against your evidence, but in my opinion I like worldmine and its no power concept

    Could just be me, but I don't see how these few lines of text would change the accusation? the numbers still don't add up. Who the investors are is completely irrelevant to the total sum of profit made?

    Edit: I thought about his statement for a little as it seemed really off to me. maybe what he means is that 25% of the total mining operation was put into the million asset shares and that those resemble the 25% of the entire mining operation, ergo the 4 times lower payment (as it is 25%)? It's definitely not what he said though, and if it is what he meant I think we should look at the profit made from the asset sales and compare those to the total mining hardware.

    Either way his reaction seems off to me... not sure what you guys think?

  • @keyd0s my two cents, really to me, i think worldmine is a great asset, and it did say in his OP that 25% of the farm would be released to the public.
    Crowetic is a really trusted guy to me, im not saying your wrong, but to me, I think he's pretty right about this. 😛

    ( do i get flamed for saying this? hope not 😛 )

  • @Bitdv Yes I have heard of this before and like its concept a lot. I am not really getting revenge for anything, I am just using a completely number based argument against the asset. I really don't mean to bring wrath against crowetic or become enemies with him (although I know doing this would undoubtedly create enemies). I really just wanted to show numbers that I got and let people be aware of how low paying this asset really is compared to a theoretical asset that used all its funds for a GPU mining farm. I am happy to be able to inform uniformed investors about this asset's dividends and hopefully save them money. Let the investors decide how they want to take this.

    @HiDevin To respond to what he said: "Get in to a great operation at the ground floor, while at the same time helping to further a large relationship with BURST and a new partnership! Don't worry about paying fees for running your own miners, grab some of WorldMine asset, and collect dividends without the hassle! Don't worry about managing your own hardware, let us do that, you simply reap the rewards. 🙂 Thank you and enjoy!" - Crowetic from the announcement thread. He led this asset to be a mining asset where you will get the same rewards as mining yourself, and supposedly even better rewards because running cost would be dealt with by his outside investors into the farm. It is far from that to say the least. I don't care if he tries to explain that the low dividends are caused by percentages going to different place and saying that the farm was already built from the beginning. He is not doing investors justice by running a GPU mining asset that pays this poorly compared to what it should be if the investors funds were actually used to buy equipment to mine with.

  • @HiDevin And to this second post, I respect whatever opinion you have about his asset even if I don't agree with it. I've seen you around this forum and I think your a great guy 🙂 Happy Bursting, Don't worry, I only do post like this to asset's that deserve it 😛

  • @falconCoin

    This is close to exactly what I bought except for a couple things that I would obviously change now from when I bought the rig.

    5x MSI Rx 470s
    1x EVGA 1000w PSU
    1x Gigabyte 5 PCIe Motherboard
    1x 4gb DDR3 Ram
    1x FX-6300 CPU
    5x PCIe Risers
    1x 320GB HHD - You could also use a drive that you are mining Burstcoin on as your main drive!

    Case was built by myself with some wood. It was very easy and can really save you money to do it yourself.

    I think this is everything. I got a pretty good deal on the GPUs so I would definitely look around a little before you buy those for a better deal than shown here. I think anything under 180$ for the 470s is pretty good.

    Once you get everything, Gpu bios modding is definitely something you should do. It does not take that much time and makes your performance soooo much better. If you end up buying these parts you can pm me on help on bios modding and Ill help you out haha

    Here is mine:

    It mines Burstcoin, Ethereum, and Decred With 17.2 TB, 145MH/s, and 2100MH/s respectively.

  • 0_1493694640394_upload-4179ba5d-ed84-4653-b799-89bfae7fa5a7

    I own 121 shares and this is what my dividends look like weekly. I think i received as low as 16 and as much as 42 over the last few weeks. i dont own many assets but i do appreciate a weekly dividend.