Plotting Hard Drive and PC wants to Update??????

  • I'm Plotting my hard drive as you may no but it's sunday evening here and my PC wants to update, my question is ??? I have postponed the updates for now but am I able to update after plotting and then restart my PC and begin to mine????? just not sure????

  • better to disable the windows updates for now, or even if you postpone after sometime windows automatically restarts to proceed with updates.

    Updates can be done anytime later.

    Once plotting is done, enable windows update

    just google "disable windows update windows <your version>" if you don't know how to disable windows updates

  • Thank you, that's what I thought, I was able to already postpone them for 24hrs, because it popped up after I started to plot the drive,
    thank you very much.....I know how to go into my PC and restart them after it gets done plotting the drive...

  • Windows 10 is notorious for not allowing the disabling of windows updates. I've found a tool that does it, but use this at your own risk, I've used it on many computers without problem, but there is always a chance of something happening, I take no responsibility for damage that occurs due to use of this (unrelated to anything our team developed whatsoever) tool...

    That being said... - Happy Unspying of Windows to you!