Need some help about deadlines

  • So the thing is i want to figure out what happens when i get this kind of message in my miner:
    0_1493713680013_upload-ae4ff295-d950-438e-9c3f-ce61824abe42 just look at green one-what do i get or do i get something?

  • If you cannot read it says: sent DL: 4104140 47d 12:02:20
    confirmed DL: 4104140 47d 12:02:20

  • When mining on your drives, every "round" will poll your hard drives for deadlines. (highly recommended you join a pool if just starting out...) Your deadlines found in that round will be submitted to the pool with all the other miners deadlines. If yours is the shortest you stand the best chance of mining a block. If you mine a block the pay out is very good. If not, your deadline will pay a little bit anyway if another person from your pool does win the block. (you'll have to do some research on what pools pay what... I'm still a little new and trying to figure out myself! Lol - but that's the basic idea anyway...)
    You will notice, every round, your hard drives will produce a new bunch of deadlines to submit.
    If you watch the pool's site, you'll see "live" how you're doing.

  • The thing is that i just cannot find myself in pool page. Am i doing something wrong or is it just i wans't lucky?

  • @Crafty_Thing You are submitting and having Deadlines confirmed so potentially everything is fine.

    How many TB are you mining with, which Pool are you on, have you done a Reward Assignment to the correct Pool, what is your Address?


  • Thanks for feedback everything is fine i was just searching wrong everything is fine and thanks again for feedback guys