Manual plotting - file names

  • Hi all,

    I'm doing manual plotting with xplotter.

    The following cmd:
    xplotter_avx.exe -id 7846107026805711843 -sn 600000001 -n 0 -t 2 -path g:\Burst\plots

    created the following file: 7846107026805711843_600000001_8370856_8370856

    So I though for the second plotfile I should run this cmd:
    xplotter_avx.exe -id 7846107026805711843 -sn 600000001 -n 8370856 -t 2 -path g:\Burst\plots

    But is also created a plotfile with the same name...

    What am I doing wrong? :|

  • @Darrylglenn I think the second one should be something like this
    xplotter_avx.exe -id 7846107026805711843 -sn 608370857 -n 8370856 -t 2 -path g:\Burst\plots

  • @Darrylglenn This is the format you need.

    XPlotter_avx.exe -id <ID> -sn <start_nonce> [-n <nonces>] -t <threads> [-path <d:\plots>] [-mem <8G>]

    second parameter sn is the start nonce so needs to be 608370857 (600000001+8370856)

    What he said.... typed too slowly


  • Aaah, Thanks!