• @gpedro thanks so much one question first i have to optimize plote then i have to upload only plote or all folder of brustcoin when i will optimize can i save in same folder and can delete old one

  • @sa171682061 Only the plot... All the other files and folders are not needed for mining in the cloud or locally tbh... 😉

    @RichBC gave the advice of using rclone to upload the plots and i honestely never used that software but i tried many pieces of software and in the particular case of google drive the fastest and more reliable way of uploading was throught the browser although he have more experience than me with uploading plots since he have been doing that for more time than me, i just happened to tried it first so i made the tutorial... So i would give the rclone software a try to upload the plots and would try from the browser too! If you do that, please let us know about your results 😉

  • @falconCoin said in HOW TO MINING WITH GOOGLE DRIVE?:

    @RichBC did you check out the list of site that other ppl are mining with and have any assessment on those?

    I have uploaded to Amazon and Google. About 30TB on Amazon and 15TB on Google.

    Apart from sufficient bandwidth at my end the big problem with Amazon was having the Account locked because of the amount of data being downloaded, eventually they closed the Account.

    Google was a dream to upload to and no locking but too expensive and they cap your download speed.

    So for the moment I have given up cloud mining.


  • @gpedro can i mining more than 1 hard drive altogether what miner i need for this?

  • @sa171682061 Yes.. you can mine with how many hdd you want and use any miner you wish 😉

  • @RichBC thanks for info, i think i have a bunch of cloud space available i may give it a try for $hits and giggles

  • Looks interesting.

    I'll be looking more into this for sure.

  • Thanks for the info..... i have been looking to start mining for a few months but i would rather not make the investment in hardware. I have read your experiences on amazon and google cloud but not sure that this has worked out that well.

    i have just seen another cryptocoin linked to a cloud storage service - siacoin .... would it be possible to mine burst on this cloud service?

    Any advice appreciated. thanks

  • @bosaland To be honest I do not know if it will work for Burst Plot Storage & Mining.

    My gut feeling is that there will be problems with speed, also you will need a way of mapping the drive to a letter so that the Burst Miner can see it. I do not know if this is possible. NetDrive 2 has so far been the best way of doing this but does not support SIA.

    Bottom line is you would have to try it to find out if it's viable.


  • @gpedro olá amigo bom dia! a mineração com google drive ainda funciona? você pode me passar o tutorial passo à passo pra mim por favor! obrigado.