Mining on a Raspberry Pi

  • I read that several of you have tried mining on a Raspberry Pi or on other versions. Did anyone succeed?

  • admin

    I tried many times but then lost interest for Raspberry / BananaPi. Some typo or something else minor has prevented mining. You need to compile dcct tools on your Pi. I recommend you a newer version of Raspberry with 2 or 4 cores - not the original one.

    It works on Android, so it has to work on other ARM platforms, too.

  • @daWallet OK, thanks for the reply. How is Android mining coming along, as regards being released to the public for easy mining? 🙂

  • admin

    @Propagandalf Sadly I lost a lot of time because of a lazy developer doing nothing but claiming to make progress.

    At least I haven't lost money on him. I have still 2 Mio Burst left of the CF to get things going. We have almost 300 active Android installs and it's bugging me that there has been no progress the last 2 months.

    The plotting process is fully documented and mining is going to be on a "mobile friendly pool" that has to be created yet. Sadly people who promised to help me out with it disappeared.

    Focus the next weeks is get Charts , Surfbar and Faucet going. Also ironing out the worst bugs in the Win Client.

    As you see all of the Android code is available. If someone wants to help out - just tell me.

  • Talking about the Surfbar,,i just lookt, and my 2000 surfpoints´´ gone by the wind´´,,i hope you will get the surfbar running again,,good luck and have a nice day

  • @daWallet Could you post some of this on the ANN-thread? I am sure many will be pleased to read some more about the status. Keep up the good work, it is a comfort to know that we have capable core members such as your self on this project. 🙂

  • admin

    @daWallet I can setup a mobile pool if you need one.