Mining with different (multiple) PC's, using the same BURST Adress and Wallet at the same time

  • Hi,

    i need to ask as question again. I read several post but still i don't know. My Question:

    I want to solo mine with different PC and use the same Wallet at the same time. Is that possible ?

    I'm planing to download the wallet and the blockchain for each PC and then run on each pc one miner with multiple drives and plots, and of course i will look that the plots doesn't overlap.

    I want to use the same wallet with the same BURST adress on all PC's at the same time.

    I don't konw if this works.

    Or do i need to set for each PC an own Wallet with different BURST adresses for every PC. For example 3 PC's 3 Wallets with 3 different BURST adresses.

    Thanks to all

  • @BurnMe When you say 'wallet', what I think you mean is 'account'. Yes, you can have the same account open in any wallet on any PC. You can even mine plots for the same account from multiple PCs, because plot files are just files tied to your account. But personally, I would mine a separate account on each PC to keep things logically separated.

  • @sevencardz

    thank you for your answer. I want to use 4 PCs and i want them to use one account and one burst adress for all the pc at the same time. So first i didn't want to create 4 BURST accounts but now im thinking of creating 4 BURST Accounts. It would be easier to see if everthing works fine with every PC but then i have to save 4 password phraser, so where is the benefit from the logically seperation for you ?

  • @BurnMe You don't have to do it that way, that's just the way I would do it to keep things organized. Each plot file has your account number, so it would be easy to identify which plots go with which miner if you ever needed to move them around or re-plot due to drive failure. Another reason might be for security - if one miner is compromised by an attacker who somehow keylogs your password or maybe even steals your computer, then your other miners continue to mine on completely accounts, ideally from other locations.