Jminer doesn't alwayes show the "FINISH block" line after scaning the plots

  • I started to use jminer (v0.4.9) and in some block I don't get the last line with FINISH block , best deadline & round time, even if the block is not a fast one, dose it mean I didn't sent my deadline to the pool?
    how can I solve it?

  • admin

    @erangel The FINISH is just a log and shows a summery of the round ... has nothing to do with committing deadlines ... that has been done before. The only reason, why the FINISH is missing, could be, that not all all plots could be read/computed correctly ... try to set 'debug=true' true in to maybe get more info...

  • @luxe thanks for the quick response.
    In the first block I got the "FINISH line" the second I didn't, I tried to close and run it again and still didn't get the line.
    is there anything helpful in the log?

  • admin

    @erangel It is due to the NOT confirmed deadline ... if that just happens from time to time simply ignore it ... i currently work to improve the behavior in such cases.

  • @luxe OK, thank you for the clarification, I thought I had a problem.
    and thank you for all your work on the miner.

  • admin

    @erangel just to clarify ... the miner creates a list of all 'partStartNonces' on start mining ... they get removed one after the other if they have been computed ... if the list is empty, the FINISH line is logged. But on not confirmed the effected partStartNonce does not get removed ... thats why there is no FINISH.