why we can not mining with 299gb hdd?

  • i want to now what is the reason we can not mining with low hdd

  • As far as I know, there is no minimum limit...
    Reference "Imineblocks" on youtube. He demo's mining on a (32G ?) USB stick...
    (Fantastic channel btw... if you need info, starting out or ideas. I try to keep up on his vids. He's how I first heard about Burst.)

    Also wait for other answers... lots of very helpful people on here much smarter than me! Lol

  • @sa171682061 You can mine with whatever capacity you want, the only issue is if your drive is to slow to read... For instance an IDE or even a USB 1.0 disk may be too slow to read, but you can literally use anything to mine 😉

  • @gpedro if i will optimize plote an mining with 200 gb this will be faster?what is faster miner for low hdd?

  • In general, GPU assisted miner for optimized plot would be jminer or creepminer an optimized plot is readily done from xplotter however others require the optimizer for maximum efficiency. But from what i've gathered if your disk reads within 60 seconds it makes the round i would estimate that your plot would read on any miner within 20 seconds. GPU assistance may push it down to say 12 seconds.

  • @ZapbuzZ what is faster jminer or creep? xploter is faster for optimize plote or another

  • depends if your graphis is AMD or NVIDIA. Creep uses CUDA which is NVIDIA. Jminer uses OpenCL by AMD. So depends on your graphics brand and should be made after year 2014 note that I use jminer on my nvidia which should encourage you to see for yourself which miner is faster. I do have un optimised plots is why i don't use creepminer.

  • @ZapbuzZ i have intel express can i use jminer or creep?

  • apparently you should be able to use jminer with intel as intel support opencl if that doesn't work, you should use CPU miner. Both jminer and CPU miner are bundled with the Burst AIO Wallet, available as a download.

  • @ZapbuzZ thanks so much how can i optimize my plot faster?

  • using a larger memory buffer, but that means using a command prompt approach to manually program xplotter. the command prompt (cmd) must be run in administrator mode. I use an 9gb buffer as i have 16gb system memory.

  • @sa171682061 Optimized plots will read faster yes... What optimizing does is change the stagger (RAM) you used to plot to the same number of nonces you have in your plot, wich will make your plot have only one chunk of nonces and this means that you will have to read just 1/4096 of the plot, so faster... 😉
    Regarding the miner i recommend you to use or Blago Miner (CPU) or jMiner (GPU). Mine with GPU is faster if you have a good dedicated GPU card, if you don't i recommend you to use the CPU to mine...

    XPlotter already give you optimized plots, you only have to optimize your plots if you used any other plotter. If you plot with your GPU in direct mode your plots will be optimized too although you will need the double of the space you are trying to plot on the drive you are trying to optimize because the miner will create the plot nonces and then optimize them, then delete the old and unoptimized nonces. So it will need the double of space to do the plot file...

    Regarding do your plot faster, the only way to do that is with using more CPU threads... Using more RAM will only make every chunck of nonces bigger and not make you plot faster...

    Regarding assistance on GPU plot or mining i cannot help you since i don't have any experience since i don't have a good GPU at my disposal so i never really made it, but post your doubts and someone will assist you... 😉

  • @gpedro i am using bruscoin 1.2.8 wallet for ploting and mining i think already my plote is optimized i do not need to optimize.mining with bruscoin wallet is better or not?because here is not gpu mining options only cpu and opengl

  • @sa171682061 openGL is with the GPU... With the AIO Wallet software you use in fact all this software we talked before (jMiner, Blago Miner and XPlotter)... So your plot should be already optimized yes and regarding to mining if you will mine with the CPU (Blago Miner) it doesn't make a difference if you launch it manually or from the AIO wallet, although i think that if you use the GPU (jMiner) it makes some difference because manually you will reach optimized setups, at least i think so, like i said before i never really made it to mine or plot with my GPU since it's not powerfull enough 😉