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  • Are there any other pools or solo miners having issues with their wallet? These last 2 days I have had ghost block galore! Lost 3k a day on 2 different wallets 2 different severs. Today we got a block and console showed 1.9k positive balance (minus Pending) but before or on the last won block I had 5.3k balance. Then after the next won block my balance changed to 4.4k balance so whats going on? Ok to be safe I sent another 5k to the pool wallet. Been checking the console on every block win. Balance was 9.3k after every block except the last one where it was 2k less. I looked at last 5 won blocks and there were no ghost blocks what is going on?

    I see no Rain and I see no DDoss lol As a matter of fact when I was ddoss I didnt get a ghost block. I have the pool and wallet on a fast internet and everything is running correctly. I had no problem till a couple days ago. To me it seems if the wallet info isnt getting around fast enough but where could it be bottle necking?

  • ok it went back to 9.4 lol took 2 hours to correct itself.

  • Does anyone have an idea why the network is delayed? I watch it every other won block +2k -2k +2k -2k I mean for a pool that pays in real time it get a little annoying. A while back it was blamed on the rain! A couple days ago it could be blamed on ddos. Ok what could be the reason today? If its because of the growing size of burst should we not fix a problem before it starts to effect everyone. I figure while my server is in Munich that the distance could play a role. I thinking if it is bottle neck in the US then my pool chances are smaller to be able to submit on time.

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    @tross I know it doesn't help - but I'm not seeing any ghost blocks on my pools. Your server time is accurate ?

  • i only run my local wallet have not seen any issues with it for a few weeks , not sure what it could be

  • I am 1 sec ahead of and normally when I look its either 1-5 secs ahead. I never seen it behind and any US pool. I use dimension 4 and ntp on the vps. I got both ghost blocks and delayed payment on both vps and home server. I seen this before a couple months ago. I use the 1.2.7 wallet cause the other one always has some weird errors. If this is because of new miners then we ae in for a rough ride.

  • when are they suposed to roll out the new wallet ? the latest one from NXT they been converting over ?

  • I dont know what it could be cause it just started and have not changed anything. My vps has really fast internet.

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