Mining with one miner and multiple HDD, can the miner takes it all without problems ?

  • Hi,

    i think i know the answer. The miner can plot from different HDD at the same time.

    But for example if i want to mine from 100 HDD ( its just hypothetical to understand the limits of mining) can the miner without problems mine all 100 HDD ? What is the max number of HDD i should use ? 10 ? 20 ? 30 ?.

    Should i start a second instance when mining f.e. with 100 HDD (i don't want to make this, i just want to know where are the limits and what a realistic setup should look like),

    Actually i'm thinking with a good PC Power you can mine with 1000 HDD and it doesn't matter.

  • miner can mine as many HDD's as you want to hook up to it , you will just need to identify choke points so you can keep the read times low enough to be competitive. best bet would be anything under 60 sec ... longer scan times will count but you might miss out on some short block's. use internal Sata or USB 3.0 crunch the numbers so you know how much data can be sent over each and dont over load them optimise plots for faster scan times .. lowest on the list would be total # of plots... 90% of people that will not matter at all but if you happen to have 100 , 10TB drives hooked up it will read 100, 10tb plots faster than 1,000 , 1TB plots thou the time difference will be almost Null .... for most people its easyer to make set size plots like say 1TB or 500gig just in case you need to free up some space to save some files or if a file gets corrupted you can then just delete a small plot file and re plot it later.