Not For Profit BURST Lottery

  • Hello all. I haven't been around very long, but I've been thinking about an idea I had for a few days. I don't have the time nor resources to put into this idea, but I'm hoping some other people can take it and move forward. This is just a general idea, and I understand some of it probably won't work, but please contribute to this thread if you like it.

    I was thinking about how BURST can use more promotion, and I thought of creating a not for profit lottery.
    First, we need a administration fot the lottery. I propose 5 people appointed from the community. On top of that, have an asset sale. The shareholders of the asset would also be part of the board of administrators. How many votes the asset is worth would have to be decided.

    The asset sale would buy other assets as investments. Dividends would be reinvested and also put into the lottery jackpot as they come in. This creates a backbone to keep the lottery from ever dying out.

    Then, create a lottery like the one that lex is working on. Have it at something like Some of the ticket sales go back into the jackpat, and the other goes into a fund to promote BURST. This can be distributed to programmers, more nodes, advertising, community projects, etc. Also don't forget to payout lex for creating the lottery system.
    The board will not only control where the money from ticket sales go, but also what to do with the dividends from the asset. It's fluid. The community fund is also fluid and there can be a weekly or monthly vote for funds allocation. All of the percentages can be changed as things progress.

    To really help promote the lottery, I think it should be built into the wallet. Make it really easy for people to participate, and it will always be funding the community.

    So what do you all think?