Bounty for auto claimer script

  • I am seeing a lot of traffic that is not being paid to me and I am just paying out of my pocket. ad networks are claiming it as spam and bot traffic and mellow ads is not even paying out 5% of the clicks to them.

    so that is why I think ppl are using a captcha service like here:

    If someone can show me they got a similar service working I will pay out, I don't have much but i can give someone at least 1000 Burst and anything they earn they can keep if they tell me they are doing this for the bounty

    I am out over 60,000 BURST to scammers right now and so i need to get this figured out b4 i have to shut down. and that is ppl abusing the system in a number of ways that we have slowly getting fixed

    but i do not want to shut down because a 90% of my users are not scamming and earning 20-30 Burst a day legit

    admin sorry if this is in wrong area, not sure where to put it.

  • @falconCoin you can't auto claim. how to counter the recapcha google service though is moving your mouse in a human like movement while hovering and clicking the recaptcha, I think that people are just earning BURST too fast, about 0.37 burst every 35 seconds, which is pretty fast. With the High or Low Dice game, you made, @KyleH112 exploited it because you can roll on 99.99 and can't lose, because of that small payout/chance. probs.

    How to skip recaptcha though. When it tells you, you are going to redirect to a page, you press back on the web browser, then press forward, and you will earn the reward without solving the recaptcha, I would advise solving 2 recaptcha, one at pressing next and one on the ad page that brings you to the new page.

    Though, you can earn about 27 burst in about 1 hour, not really 20-30 burst a day. Anyways GL!

  • @HiDevin I don't seem to be able to replicate what you are saying to avoid the captcha... @falconCoin see your PM xP

  • @gpedro when you solve a recaptcha the first time, it remembers it and you know how u have to solve it again right?

    you can move ur mouse in a human like movement to the button by like just spinning ur mouse in circles while clicking the recapcha button

  • @HiDevin Oh actually it credited in my account yes... It was not automatic but after a few minutes it credited into my account without solving the captcha xD

    @falconCoin I can recommend you to put a script in the "redirect to mellowads" pop up. That script would have a percentage (like 30%) of when you click it redirects to the mellowads and in other percentage (like 70%) it asks you for solve a captcha in your page before it redirects to the mellowads ;D

  • @gpedro it doesn't take minutes, it just doesn't update on the client side. so u are earning without solving the recapcha or going to the mellowads page.

  • @HiDevin try it out now with your little trick! lol


    what i was talking about is that even though mellow links is saying they are clicked im barely getting out of them..

    so for 1 out of every 10 or so i get paid.

    also a-ads only pays 1 unique visitor per 24 hours, BUT over their WHOLE network! lol

    so if you see their ad on moonbitco for example and you see it on my site, i dont get paid.

    i need a good ad network or maybe a crowdfun to help me out for a bit

  • @falconCoin doesn't work! nice job.

    also maybe its because we are going to the page every like 30 seconds?

  • @falconCoin yes.. that was why i suggested that because with create random things to do you make the bots stale and that will make the bots percentage using your site a lot lower ;D

    I can give you some more small tips on how to make bots to stale but there will be always clever people than me regarding to that lol... like for instance i can't make a bot to surpass the mellowads captcha because they have to have the checkmark in the captcha box for the continue button to show but i know there is someway of mking that happen... I just have better things to do than lose time with that!
    But introduce randomness to your site and your bot users will get away because it doesn't worth to have a bot in a site that is constantly changing, due to making them have to change the script every time the site changes ;D

    It only worth to make a bot to make things that are always the same, if it's a different thing then a) it is a lot harder to make a bot for it and b) it may not worth the trouble ;D

  • @gpedro well i dont think there is any service that can solve recapcha, solves only solvemedia and other captcha services can't solve recaptcha because of the pictures.

  • @HiDevin It solves recaptcha too... It's expensivier but it solves... You have to send them the Site API Key and then they return to you a word (wich is like a seed) and you insert it into a textare that is hidden in every recaptcha out there but the issue is that it doesn't put the checkmark in that little square like when you solve the captcha mannually... If you want a imacro to solve recaptchas with 9kw let me know and i will send it to you or you can find it in the 9kw site too ;D

  • @gpedro I think I know how to use iMacros already so im fine, plus I don't bot

  • @HiDevin I was just saying that i could send to you the imacro script to submit the recaptcha to the 9kw, so you could see the code and test it in some recaptcha to see how it works... ;D

  • @gpedro I mean, where is the recapcha, instead of solve media, can't find on my account, is there really a imacro script that solves recaptchas or are u just trolling?

  • @HiDevin LOL Did you really thought i was trolling? hahahah
    It's not a script that solves recaptchas but a script that handles the submission request to 9kw API and gets back the response from them with the captcha answer...

    Check this page... In there you have a bunch of scripts that handle the 9kw API requests to the captchas they can solve...

    Although take into account that not all pages have the Recaptcha API key in the same place of the code so in some cases the line of the imacro script that gets the key from the site you are trying to bot needs to be changed ;D

  • you guys work together and get the bounty and share it!

    im getting a LOT of of the recaptchas being done from countries that do not pay is what i found out, thus they look like bots

  • @gpedro I see, then people can make a script to find the captcha and press next to get the reward. but will it be worth it to earn 50 sats for 1 recapcha? every 30 seconds?

  • @falconCoin

    I ran a website years ago that was able to be scripted with proxies if someone wanted to. I don't know if it exists now, but I was able to get a database of known proxies and block them all. Also, there was code to detect if someone was using a proxy. Basically you have to block visitors from other countries that don't pay, and all proxies you can.

    You might be able to detect an ad network's cookies too. So, if say someone already saw an ad in 24 hours, you can show a different ad network.

    Just some thoughts. You unfortunately have to block people to be profitable. This is what the ad networks do too.

  • @ryanw can you PM me some more info?