What does optimizing your plots do and should I do it?

  • I've seen this plot optimizer, I don't know what it's meant to do. What does it do? And since I have 700GB plotted + 650GB Plotted + 14 GB Plotted should I optimize these plots if they are worth it to do?
    Will it also increase my earnings?

  • admin

    @p0int_scale Optimizing rearranges the ordering of the nonces in your plotfile to minimize the time it takes to read/mine them. With the size of your plots there will be no major improvement in performance. How long does it currently take to mine your plots? Additionally, to optimize you need free space equal to the size of the plot you're optimizing.

    The AIO Wallet and Xplotter automatically create optimized plot, so no after the fact optimization is required.

  • If the last 2 numbers in your plot file are the same then the file is optimized.

    23470867970994553098_9901228800_409600_2048 ==> not optimized

    23470867970994553098_9901228800_409600_409600 ==> optimized