i bought amazon 10 tb online drive how to write plote?

  • can anyone help how to write 10 tb online drive plote my internet no much faster

  • You don't use the internet to plot a drive, just use one of the plotters in the download section and leave it to plot.

    XPlotter for optimized plots (CPU) or GPU is probably one of the best choices as it optimizes it when it plots.

  • @Snoops thanks so much but my drive is online like google drive

  • Sorry i understood you question wrong. If you know someone you can trust with a better connection then they could do it for you, 10TB would take along time if plotting online, that is for sure. If you look in the forums there are a few threads explaining how to plot cloud storage.

  • @Snoops ok thanks i have 200gb ploted hdd can i transfer this in 10tb.and what about because its 200gb and i will transfer 10tb

  • You could transfer that plot yes and then plot the rest of the drive to fill it as long as the plot files don't overlap.

  • Might get overlapping problems.

    Happened to me not even 20 min ago. I had to take 30 gig cloud mining offline cuz I couldnt fix the problem.

  • if your internet is not fast you might want to use a VPS also amazon does'nt like file uploads bigger then 50 GB so that should be your limit get a copy of rclone and set up a batch script and just let it run 10 TB will take awhile to fill up though

  • also your going to run into problems with account lock outs once you start mining they dont like the amount of data transfers that are going to take place on your account but if you complain to the right people you might get a account that wont get locked out