xplotter and gpu plot generator - different filesize

  • Hi all,

    i have generated plots with an size of 1TB using two different tools (xplotter and gpu plot generator). Both in the newest version.
    But i haven't expected to get different plot sizes. It seems to be an startnone inclusive exclusive problem.
    Can you help me with that? i'm new in burst minging. I don't wanna replott all the data.

    GPU Plotter:	1099511365632 Bytes
    XPlotter:		1099511627776 Bytes
    Difference in Size: 262144 Bytes (256 KB)
    i decided to use files with 4194304 nonce and 4096 stagger size. (~1TB)
    XPlotter params:
    XPlotter_avx.exe -id 12878149936960097564 -sn 0 -n 4194304 -t 4 -path E:\burst\plots -mem 4G
    XPlotter_avx.exe -id 12878149936960097564 -sn 4194304 -n 4194304 -t 4 -path E:\burst\plots -mem 4G
    Devices.txt: 1 0 8192 64 8192
    GPU Plotter params:
    gpuPlotGenerator.exe generate direct G:\GpuPlots\12878149936960097564_8388608_4194304_4096 H:\GpuPlots\12878149936960097564_20971520_4194304_4096

  • admin

    @horego 262,144 is the size of one nonce. Based on the file sizes, Xplotter is generating the correct number of nonces, the GPU plot is off by one nonce.

  • @haitch tanks for your fast reply. 262,144 was a copy paste error 😉
    but i'm not sure if the first or laste nonce is missing.
    Does GPU plotter write the first "0" or is the last one "4194303" missing?

  • admin

    @horego I'm not sure - my GPU plotter plots are the correct size, don't know why yours would be off by one.

  • @horego sometimes GPU-plotter don't write last nonce in file (i saw it twice for my plots) - i'm used PlotsChecker for correct it (but only for unoptimized plots)

  • @Blago thanks.

    My plots are already optimized. is there a way to fix it?

    i tried to reproduce the missing nonce.
    My configuration is RX 470 MSI. Win7 64 and gpuPlotGenerator-bin-win-x64-4.0.3.

    Within my test of parallel plotting a an increasing file getting larger then my gpu memory of 8GB i get the following result:

    * stagger size of 4096 
    * starting nonce is 0.
    4096 (1GB - OK)
    8192 (2GB - OK)
    12288 (3GB - OK)
    16384 (4GB - Missing last nonce)
    20480 (.... Missing last nonce)
    24576 (.... Missing last nonce)
    28672 (.... Missing last nonce)

    can anyone confirm this behavior? 😕

  • I think you're right, It seems that it can't find enough ram on your GPU 😕

  • @horego Is the bug persistent across launches or is it random? Also, thanks for your tests, it'll help a lot to find the cause.
    @Blago Same question for you as you experienced it.

    I'll do my best to correct this issue.