PC restarted during plot

  • So my pc decided to restart when second 3tb drive was 90% plotted. Had internal and one 3tb external drive mining at this time. Now when i run miner on the internal and already plotted drive it seems to only get deadlines for the internal drive. Wondering if i have to plot these drives over again. Thanks for any help.

  • Probably yes

  • admin

    @flyinggiraffe If you were plotting the file with XPlotter, it can be resumed. Do:
    XPlotter_avx.exe -id <your numeric ID> -sn <X> -n <Y> -t <threads> -path <path to file>

    You can get the X/Y values from the partial file, the file will have a name like: 13919803089879865906_0_61033712_61033712

    The first numbers are your ID, the second number is the starting nonce (X) and the third number is the number of nonces (Y)

    If it was not Xplotter, I'd consider deleting and re-plotting.

  • Thanks for the tips will sort it out either way