looking to buy a Canon EOS 70D body with Burst.

  • My sister is going to be getting married, and I'm looking for a camera upgrade. She wants me to be the videographer. I currently have a Canon EOS 60D, and shooting video on that is kind a rough, LOL. I'm looking for a Canon EOS 70D, I have played around my buddy 70D, and I really like it, a lot. If anybody has a good condition Canon EOS 70D body, would you like to sell it for Burst? With the shipping + camera body, I'll pay about 100,000 Burst, I'm willing to work a deal with you. Because I'm not verified, I will send the Burst to @haitch to send to you when I receive the camera, if it's in good working condition. I'll probably kick myself in the butt later, I paid about 100,000 burst for a low powered Dell Poweredge R410 Server. At that time the 100,000 Burst was worth $130, to night 100,000 Burst was worth +$500, I kick myself in the butt every day I see it go up. Almost forgot, I live in Ohio, 44004. If you want to get a estimate on how much it cost to ship it to me.

  • hey another person from Ohio :) sorry cant help all i have is an older T3 and a T5 good for point and shoot not good for video.

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