Mining on "small" pools like vs "big" pools like ninja pool, whats the difference

  • Hi,

    i have been reading a lot, but still i need a short and explaining answer. I don't get it.

    1. So why should i use the big pools (with a lot oft TB and short deadlines) when i have a setup with a lot of TB ?

    2. When i am looking at the small pools they even payout more burstcoin with the same deadline

    3. And what if somebody big for example 200 TB is mining on a small pool, what is the effect ? I think he is winning all the time. So make it sence for the big miner to mine in a small miner pool ?

    I think there is something i still don't know. In the main it's about one question: Why comes all the big miners together in one pool, where is the profit for them even when the payout for the same deadline is smaller than in the other pools.

    Thanks a lot.

  • A lot of different opinions here. A larger miner needs to find say 6 blocks a day. They can find it whether its small or not they choose not to go to smaller pools so small pools fill up with small miners. With that said a larger miner all of a sudden finds that their are too many small miners in his way. A larger miner wants to be in the fast lane and and gets upset when a small miner is using his lane. BCApool has no problem with a large miner or small miner as they are finding blocks.
    The Bottom line larger miner need to find blocks and as it is getting more difficult they need to hang with the larger miners to help find blocks. Larger miners are the popular group that everybody wants and would feel cool to hang with. Larger miners being so popular couldn't be seen hanging with smaller miners as its uncool

  • @BurnMe The difference is that the bigger pools hit more blocks so more payouts... It's a profitability math you have to do, or you want to get blocks more often or you want to have better payouts everytime you get one... Basically this is the difference but in the end all comes to luck... ;D

  • @gpedro we all need to find a block.........Mine on!

  • In a nutshell...

    More Terabytes = Lower Deadlines = More payouts/more profit
    Less Terabytes = Still can get low deadlines but will most likely get high ones = Less payouts/less profit (ofcourse depending on pool you are mining on)

    Try to get at least 1TB and you can mine on pools that allow deadlines over 90 days.
    Less than that; you might not make much mining on certain pools.

    If you have HUGE amounts of TBs (300+ Terabytes) consider solo mining. You will make more profit off of solo mining with huge amounts of storage plotted. Do not solo mine with low amounts. You will barely make anything, you're better off mining in a pool.

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    @p0int_scale As long as you're mining with a pool appropriate for your size of plot, your earnings over the long run will be the same whichever pool you're in. Pools designed for larger miners payout more frequently, creating a consistent revenue stream, but generally payout less to the miner per block. Pools for smaller miner win blocks less frequently, but tend to pay out more per block.

  • Are there admins for each pool that monitor or set rules as to who enters the pools (TB size?)

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    @mrgoldy There are admins for all the pools. The only pool I'm aware of having a restriction is the mobile pool - miners over 1TB will be banned, All other pools accept any miners.

  • I got over 1700 for a block I won today on burstneon which I think is on the smaller side. I usually get between 450-550 when I win a block so that will be nice for my asset holders.