BTC Lending on Poloniex and Leveraging Interest Earned to Scoop Burst

  • Basically, I am using my BTC as an asset to acquire Burst.

    Everyday I earn interest on my bitcoins and scoop that interest from the lending market, move it to the exchange and buy Burst.

    If a lot of us in the community (whom are likely holding Burst and BTC, do this, the current prices will be unheard of in short order).

    On the sell side, I don't recommend ever selling large quantities all at once nor selling into the Buyers, always ask small amount 10k Burst or less and 1 behind the lowest Ask Price.

    Be patient with sales, let the value climb and more stakeholders to evolve.

    If you sell 1 million Burst to one buyer, and that buyer decides to be ADD thats 1 million Burst that will just be DUMPED into the bidders.

  • i wont say dont sell large quanity's but yea def do not sell into by orders ... if the current price is say 235 then split your sell order up into chunks put some up at 235 , 236 , 237 ect ect look to see how many are already for sale at each price level and avoid creating a wall in the sell orders let it climb .. opposit in the buy orders ither buy into the sell or place a nice big wall at 1 below current price to keep it from going back down.

  • @Gibsalot Yes, I should clarify, I just mean don't put a large quantity sale order up. So others get this mental idea of a "sell wall" and bid lower. It's best to feed it out slowly and slightly above the lowest ask. If you see more ask action pile on infront of you just withdraw your sale until things calm down again.