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  • Just for test purpose (I'm new to BC), I've created a plot and tried moving and this happen:


    Is it a serious problem? And how important is RAM for plotting?

    and is this correct command for creating plot?
    plot-1: XPlotter_avx.exe -id xxxxxxxx -sn 0 -n 4096 -t 2 -path C:\plots -mem 2G
    plot-2: XPlotter_avx.exe -id xxxxxxxx -sn 4097 -n 4096 -t 2 -path C:\plots -mem 2G
    plot-3: XPlotter_avx.exe -id xxxxxxxx -sn 8194 -n 4096 -t 2 -path C:\plots -mem 2G
    plot-4: XPlotter_avx.exe -id xxxxxxxx -sn 12291 -n 4096 -t 2 -path C:\plots -mem 2G

    and what does stagger mean? what should I put for stagger? does this create optimize plot?

  • it means you are transferring data from NTFS to non NTFS. You see, Network Terminal File System keeps properties data for security; and file system management (including the indexing service so you can search your own data). It is safe to do so as i can see whats going on. RAM? for making plots faster more ram is recommended. the picture you posted of 128mb plot would only need a small amount of ram. If you were to make plots on mechanical disks a buffer of 2gb+ (ram) would improve plotting efficiency. Especially where plotting multiple terabytes. Stagger i'm guessing is the memory buffer the ram is for. 2G on the end of the xplotter.exe above i believe means 2 gigabytes of stagger in RAM. and, of course, -n 4096 means 4097 nonces makes a 128 megabyte plot and thus a maximum of a 128 mb stagger in ram maximum is needed and you can change the 2g to 128mb. If you were to say make 1 plot file of 8 terabytes i would recommend a stagger of 4 gigabytes or more to maintain efficient computations both calculating the plot and writing at same time. But all the same, your doing nothing harmful. I will assume your transfer is to a FAT drive either mechanical or flash. File Allocation Table came out with Microsoft DOS and is still used today that it doesn't have the overhead NTFS has.

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