Problems depositing into my account

  • I bought some Burst coins from an exchange and now I can't deposit them. It says my address is invalid.

    I had set up a web wallet through

    I thought I might have to have some coins in there first for my address to be valid. So I went to the faucet at to see if it could send me some. Get an error Sorry, faucet could not access wallet in order to send your BURST. Please try again later.

    Is there any way to verify that my address is correct?


    I believe that is my address. Unless you have to create a new aliased one or something. Sorry, I'm completely new here.

  • admin


    You are on the right track but the faucet is dry - it can't pay out the coins for you to make the first outgoing transaction.

    Use instead.

  • You're awesome. Thanks for the reply!

    I think I may have screwed something up by trying to deposit so many times into my wallet. I still have nothing in my wallet. Only created it today.

    I'm getting an error on the new faucet site you sent: This faucet is only for new user of Burst. It is not possible to claim several times.

    Think it's because I tried so many times from my Bittrex account and from the other faucet site?

  • admin

    I've sent you some Burstcoins over to get started.

  • Holy cow. Thank you very much! I can create a name now! You're awesome. Thanks again.