Useful Burst Based Software Applications (Idea List for Developers to make Burst from projects)

  • As Burst is the only Crypto Currency to be centralized around "free" drive space directly for mining vs getting rewarded for storing sketchy content (like Storj), I am thinking a number of applications could be developed to simultaneously mine Burst and provide simple connectivity to the developers pool.

    1. Continuous Defrag / Burst Plot Allocator. Reserve 20% of the end users free space for usage and use the other 80% for Burst Plots, reallocate if user goes below 15% free space. Also give user option to adjust ratios. All Gui based for Mac/Windows/Linux, keep it simple for setup and mining. Many open source drive defragmentation tools are available to integrate for the speed improvement side.

    2. Burst Saver, a screen saver that only processes Burst transactions while the user is away from the computer.

    3. Qnap/Open Nas/Free Nas/any other Nas based echo systems. Write a QPKG for native Burst wallet with full block chain and node hosting. Allow Nas operator to allocate certain amount of TB to Burst Mining.

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    1. is on my wish list for 2 years now. :)

  • Dawallet, are you a developer? Can you help me understand which skillsets we would be looking for on dev projects for Burst Coin, is it best to be a Java Dev or C, or another language? I am willing to hire some developers for Cash on Upwork to push some projects forward.

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    The core of the wallet is written in Java. Also the Android App of course.

    In my opinion we need Java and Web Developer for the UI the most but every new piece of software in any language is very welcome.

    Here is a list of most projects:

    I'm just contributing were I can and where I see the most need.

  • I'd say we'll need a small widget for android app too (based on Polo for example). Looks like a few days of development.