Solo mining problem on local Wallet 1.2.8 (stuck), Problem already solved, known issue ?

  • During testing with Linux and Creepminer on Solo mining the local Wallet was alwasy a lot blocks behind the online wallts of the pools. The miner gives no error message or something else so i saw this issue after a few hours, all the time i thought everything is alright. although i just dowloaded the Version 1.2.8 today and just downloaded the blockchain thers was something wrong.

    By searching i found the soultion i want to post it again for user with same problem with the wallet 1.2.8. After fixing it it works again and we will see how long.

    HowTo fix a stuck Wallet

    luxe admin Oct 9, 2016, 12:36 AM
    A) Try restart the wallet, if that does not work, try B.
    B) popOff some blocks
        find the /conf dir within your wallet
        create a file named '' (will 'overrule' the
        add the following line to ''
        Re-/start your wallet and open: http://localhost:8125/test?requestTag=DEBUG
        Click on 'popOff', insert maybe '10' in numBlocks and click 'submit'
        Check if it is still stuck.
        If still stuck, repeat from 5. an popOff more.
        Turn off nxt.enableDebugAPI again.

    Deos anyone know about this issue with wallet 1.2.8 ? Why did it stuck ? And do i have know to look for that issue every day or even every hour thats a bit stressing.

    Tell me please if you had this issue too and how did you get off this problem.

    And can somebody tell me what i have done with the popOFF, i still don't dont know what this feature is making. It springs over the stuck block, right ?

    In the terminal of the wallet 1.2.8 there sometimes is standing ...."Block not accepted" i can see this every 12 hours. But what can i do to solve this issue this issue do i have on 2 PC with the wallet 1.2.8.

    Thanks to all for help and explanation.

    BurnMe :)