How to "cloud mine" on a Windows Server VPS

  • *I can not guarantee this will work, I tried this myself but it don't seem to work. I will try my best to figure out the issue. *
    So it seems only certain versions of Windows Server allow this to work. Here is a quick list of things that might work:

    • Set DEP to only Essential Windows programs and services.
    • Turn off your firewall.

    There has been other guides on how to do this but this guide will simply focus on the Windows Server 2012 OS. My favourite VPS provider is Vultr.
    They provide cheap VPS servers of all kinds of Operating Systems and you can customize your VPS to your liking with 8+ different locations.

    Step 1: Create and set up a Windows Server VPS.
    Step 2: Download Google Chrome or Firefox. The Internet Explorer isn't gonna really help us besides using the Burst AIO. I will be doing this tutorial using the Burst AIO. You can go advanced and use your own plotter with a batch file.
    Step 3: Once you got the AIO, login to your Burst account and simply start plotting. Vultr provides SSDs as well as high speed internet

    You may have to install Java. AFAIK Windows Server does not come with Java pre-installed.

    Step 4: Once you have plotted successfully. You can simply start mining.


    Some VPS providers don't treat you kindly if they notice a surge in CPU usage for a long period of time. Please make sure your VPS provider allows high CPU usages.
    If your VPS provider allows major-system-wide configurations, you can do some actions to free up space if you really want to use as much space as you can.
    If you want to use IE to do all your things instead of downloading another browser. Windows Server might have a feature called "IE Enhanced Safety Configuration". This will literally block every single connection, outgoing or incoming when browsing. To turn this off, simply just open up Server Manager, hit Local Server, and turn off for both Users and Admins the Enhanced Safety Configuration.

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