Love Crypto - Love Burst

  • I only recently discovered Burst and what differentiates it from the onslaught of alternate crypto currencies. I love the hard drive space concept and the energy savings it provides. One of the main points of attack that Visa and Master Card employ over Crypto Markets is the energy cost per transaction. They release press constantly against how much wasted energy Bitcoin and other GPU mining currencies burn. I first discovered Bitcoin in 2008 at 0.008 per Bitcoin and wanted to put $2000 into it, my brother recently getting burned on an internet HYIP told me it was a scam. I missed that opportunity big time, but did buy a lot of it at $50 and made a ton. I know there is room for many great BlockChain products, especially those that solve problems and the market cap of it is no where near what is potentially possible. I am an entrepreneur with a very active digital advertising agency, I am a generalist when it comes to technology and servers. I love investing, poker, cryptocurrencies and my wife and child more than anything material. I hope to be a large benefit to Burst investors by continually releasing press, ideation and products until it grows into an uncontrollable beast of it's own doing.

    Best Regards to All,

  • @ctt This is the kind of mindset that we need. I can't wait to see what you'll bring to the table :)

  • @ctt welcome!

  • Welcome @ctt glad to have you on board. Don't' be shy with the questions and thoughts.

  • Welcome! I myself had recently found this community, and it's great here. Have fun!