Attaching Burst Payments to Upvotes on this Forum

  • I think it would be epic for forum activity and discussion if users were given the option to load Burst to their userid/account and then specify an amount 0.1 to 1 Burst that would go with each Upvote to the user post they upvoted. Essentially good content and posts or simply bad ones that other users agree on would be rewarded with everyones favorite crypto Burst. I know I will load a chunk and start handing them out to smart posters. I know it's possible just to put a Burst wallet address in the signature of your post profile, but it would be much cleaner and more fun to have internal forum wallets and just toss them around like high rollers on Upvotes.

  • i have added that feature on my site... its in beta but i want ppl adding comments and content.

  • this is a great suggestion I love it.

  • I used to use a donation address in my signature but i never got one so i gave up on the idea when it got rained on and although it poured it just left mixed emotions when i read about what the rain did to the community 🙂