Accidentally sent Burst to by mistake

  • I was in a rush earlier sending some burst from one account to another and accidentally sent some burst to the pool address.

    Is there any way to recover this?

    Thanks in advance!

    details below:

    Type: Ordinary Payment
    Amount: 270 BURST
    Fee: 1 BURST
    Recipient: BURST-7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY
    Sender: BURST-JM92-Y46W-8R3P-2PAN2
    Full Hash: 203ebb6a1a1199569ca6b42f17de271de1300d67fab95c1b32e5b93ca57b3c88
    request_processing_time: 1
    Confirmations: 105
    Signature Hash: 717a86bd5766c383dc36c8de84e1865bcc7f0b678933ddd127d8cc44c72a2ccf
    Amount NQT: 270 BURST
    ec_block_height: 359191
    Block: 16007697642573067866
    Recipient RS: BURST-7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY
    Type: 0
    Fee NQT: 1 BURST
    Recipient: 18401070918313114651
    Version: 1
    Sender: You
    Timestamp: 86880227
    ec_block_id: 17137685918629118976
    Height: 359205
    Subtype: 0
    Sender Public Key: 37b934bb627a16503e656e982baa9100a767cd45630d824a6ec109c15701c143
    Deadline: 1440
    Block Timestamp: 86880467
    Sender RS: You
    signature: 50315b075b1fb1e9f680dc35012b3f3db98ed30f063a85dd255f3fdb1036e0050b83d72f576ce85eb640fb00bfbb3fde2be0e89c66fba7ff5a5944e45d4ab5c9

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    @digidan said in Accidentally sent Burst to by mistake:


    I'm checking the .eu account and am not seeing this transaction

  • @haitch is there anything that I can provide that might help?

  • @haitch said in Accidentally sent Burst to by mistake:


    Actually it's odd, i don't see it either on the pool address but it is confirmed that left his address to the pool address... Odd!

  • @haitch Here's the screenshots from my wallet:
    alt text alt text