Is btfgspace pool down?

  • Hi everyone,

    About a day or two ago my local wallet stated acting up... the run.bat drops out almost immediately, but the online section seemed to work. Today that section has also crashed and doesn't work. I haven't tried troubleshooting yet... as have a cold which complicates doing absolutely anything.

    I've been mining for a while now, and pinned the url which I noticed this evening is now a yellow bang warning triangle in my browser. It tells me the connection has timed out... Is the pool under attack?

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  • admin

    Hi @Acanterelle ,

    if the run.bat immediately closes, then your Blockchain probably is corrupt. This is mostly caused by closing the terminal / win client with force. In terminal / command you can close the wallet server softly with "CTRL + C" .

    You need to resync your blockchain or download it from . The online wallets are under heavy load since some days.

  • Thanks,
    Yes it has occured to me this is possible, I believe my OS updated it's self a couple days ago during the night. It seems like best practice to get a fresh download anyway... that and re-install java.

    I'm more worried about btfg being down. I can't access it from three different machines, and yet the pools list (which updates every 5 minutes) says there are active miners?

    I'm quite sad to see it down and can't understand how or why I could/would have been blocked from pooling with them. A corrupt local wallet can't interfere with web browsers on three separate devices...

    Have a great weekend,