Are there plans for easier smart-contract development?

  • Currently available method to write smart contract's differ much from Solidity or javascript high level language. Does BURST roadmap includes a way to make different way to develop smart contracts? like js, or similar to ethereum? or will it stay this way forever?

  • admin

    @danielvt_ First of all BURST is not premined or had a ICO or something ... so there are no funds for a development team, BURST is a community coin. Second ... understand the AT smart contract implementation as a virtual/software cpu with it's own instruction set. Everyone who wants to participate can build a higher level language on top of this virtual/software cpu. There were/are plans to provide compiler for higher level languages ... but never heard of it again. But to respond to your question, there is as far as i know no concrete roadmap. Every additional software and development currently managed by contributing individuals, mostly independent from each other.

    So, if there is a developer out there, who is capable to e.g. build/define a javaScript like higher programming language on top of the AT-Layer. He would start a crowdfund to get onboard and just implement something like that. The benefit of low level AT is, that there could be a c++ programmer, too. Doing the same for the syntax he likes ... etc. In general development in such open projects take some time longer compared to project that got millions of funding before the first line of code.

    I think new currencies should grow out of their followers/community ... they will profit from that in the future.