hello world

  • I was (somewhat) active on burstforum.com as it lasted.
    When it drowned it took so many postings with it that I hesitated long before registering here.

    Have a unix admin background and been mining since 8/14. For me Burst has always been sort of a "finger excercise"; What can be done with minimal investment and, more importantly, minimal operational intervention. It turns out: quite a lot.

    Over the years I acquired off-lease SANs, JBODs, harddisk lots and Hostbus-Adapters and have been mining between 100 - 400 TB. Before the recent Burst price surge and facing the surprisingly high european energy costs (Europe: ~20-30ct, USA: 6-9ct, China: 3ct), I recently converged everything into just 2 JBODs, throwing out any disk under 4TB. The only thing new is the mainboard and memory, even CPUs and cases are off-lease.

    I currently mine 250 TB of "old" harddisks, and have a few spare disk slots to grow.

    Looking at a return of 20 EUR/mined block today, mining finally is cost-covering.
    (2017-05-14, reward 1840, polo: 0.0126224BTC*1634.25EUR)

    It even allows for further investment.
    Now this is a hobby my wife approves of.