Error with burstmining with GPU

  • When I trie to use jminer to submit nonces I get an error while trying to submit nonces to server

     WARN 6544 --- [  networkPool-1] b.j.c.n.task.NetworkSubmitPoolNonceTask  : Error: Submit nonce to pool not successful: {"result":"Missing Passphrase","requestProcessingTime":0}

    It says it misses the passpharse but I dont see in the settings where I need to submit my passpharse

  • Did you set reward assignment?

  • yes I did

  • I had a problem with it initially, there are two reasons I know of that this can happen.

    1. You think you performed the reward assignment but did not. Please confirm it by checking your transaction log in your wallet, you should have a similar transaction.
    2. When you plotted the drives you did not use a matching numeric ID to your Passphrase.



  • I checked reward assignment and even did it again to make sure it wasn;t outdated, then I looked at the numeric ID and also that was the same.

  • admin

    Seams, your '' are not setup correctly, please provide your settings. (without Passphrase!)