How to Deposit to Poloniex?

  • Trying to send some Burst to Poloniex to someone who setup a first time wallet there.

    Do I need to get the special public key from him that Bittrex is showing? Any advice on how to do this?

    I keep getting an "Invalid transaction <insert big number here>" error message. I tried adding a message, removing the message..

    Help would be much appreciated! Thank you!!

  • no with poloniex you do not need a message

  • hmmm.... found this error in my log when running the wallet locally:
    Caused by: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: The database is read only; SQL statement:
    INSERT INTO unconfirmed_transaction (id, transaction_height, fee_per_byte, timestamp, expiration, transaction_bytes, height) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) [90097-193]
    at org.h2.message.DbException.getJdbcSQLException(
    at org.h2.message.DbException.get(
    at org.h2.message.DbException.get(
    at org.h2.message.DbException.get(
    at org.h2.engine.Database.checkWritingAllowed(
    at org.h2.table.Table.checkWritingAllowed(
    at org.h2.engine.User.hasRight(
    at org.h2.engine.User.checkRight(
    at org.h2.command.dml.Insert.insertRows(
    at org.h2.command.dml.Insert.update(
    at org.h2.command.CommandContainer.update(
    at org.h2.command.Command.executeUpdate(
    at org.h2.jdbc.JdbcPreparedStatement.executeUpdateInternal(
    at org.h2.jdbc.JdbcPreparedStatement.executeUpdate(
    at nxt.TransactionProcessorImpl$
    at nxt.TransactionProcessorImpl$
    at nxt.db.EntityDbTable.insert(
    ... 24 more

    Do I need to edit permissions on the database or something? Trying this in Fedora.


  • admin

    @FractalMatt Possibly permissions, possibly a corrupt DB. Give yourself full rights to the DB files, restart the wallet and try again.