Pool shows totally different capacity

  • Today was the first day that I looked into to pool stats at my current pool that I am running on.

    Under "Historic shares" the ~capacity is shown.

    Even though I am contributing around 75Tb to that pool, only 15TB are shown.

    I think this is happening, because my first 60TB are running on one machine and the other 15tb on another machine. Each with their own miners running but same reward assinment and Burst ID.

    Can this cause me any kind of trouble?

  • @PummelHummel nope, shouldn't matter, you will still get the same payouts :p

  • admin

    @PummelHummel It doesn't cause any problems. If you're using a miner that reports your plotsize to the pool, it will broadcast your capacity as X TB - the capacity of one of your miners, despite you having X+Y TB. My primary account has around 105 TB over 4 PC's, but it'll get reported as being between 7.5 and 50TB - it informational only, and doesn't affect mining.

  • wow that was quick. Thanks guys. Just wanted to make sure I am not missing out!