gpuplotgenerator - help needed

  • Hello guys,

    I'm new to Burst and I would like to plot my hard drive just to test things out.
    Now I want to plot about 910 GB. How would the command look for this if I want to do it with gpuplotgenerator?

  • @typh0n

    - good tutorial

    for 910GB you would need 3727360 nounces

  • Steps

    1. Configure GPU plotter - This is machine dependent, please post the result of below command

    gpuPlotGenerator.exe listPlatforms

    Also provide us the Graphics card model with GPU ram.

    Configuring GPU plottor involves editing the devices.txt(Which requires above details)

    1. Run the GPU plotter

    Determine the size of the plot = (Plot Size in GB * 1024 *1024)/256 gives the number of plots


    Use the program in below link

    GPU plotter uses the file name to determine what it needs to do, so the file name needs to be built first. The easiest way is to start plotting with the burstclient for windows, it would create a file in the {plot drive}\Burst\Plots. Stop plotting once the plotting starts and file is created.

    give the below command

    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer {filename with path here}


    gpuPlotGenerator generate direct {filename with path here}

    The second command takes more time, but creates optimized plot. Optimized plots are read faster by HDD in most case.

  • Thanks guys!
    Seems like I forgot to calculate something. Anyway, it's working now, well at least partly.
    It's currently writing on the HDD but the command line doesn't show me the progress anymore.

    It gets stuck everytime after it has written 3072 or 4096 nonces:
    "0.08% (3072/3727360 remaining nonces), 2972.90 nonces/minutes"
    I hear that it writes on the disk but the command line doesn't move. Any ideas about this? I already tried to start the command as admin.
    I'm using the gpuplotgenerator 4.0.3.

  • admin

    @typh0n If you're plotting in direct mode to create the optimized plot, it's normal for it to sit there initially for a LONG time. Basically what it's doing at the moment is creating the whole plot file, but mostly empty - once the mostly empty file is fully created, then it goes back and "fills in" the gaps. Once it get's to that point you'll see the progress increasing and speed improving.