Any good SATA add-on cards?

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    I'm about to order 10 internal HDD's for mining, but I have a problem. My motherboard has 6 SATA ports, but 2 of them are disabled since I have an M.2 SSD installed. Are there any good SATA cards out there that have decent numbers of ports? And is there any hardware to use internal HDD's with a USB hub if I can't fit all the drives into my case?

  • i use from newegg .... it's so far so good but can be temermental when hooking new drives up to it if the drive has not alredy been formated and set up my system does not like to detect Raw drives that are connected to it.

  • @Gibsalot
    Thanks, I'll consider that one

    But how much bandwidth is used by the drives while mining? Will the card be able to handle it?

  • @gernader small amount the way the mining works you can figure it out ... each block it will mine 1/4096 of every nonce on the drive so total drive space divide by 4096 ... that number in bites is the amount of data being sent from each drive during each block round.... if you are connected via internal SATA or USB 3.0 you should be good to go most people tend to bottle neck the CPU befor swaping over to GPU mining or they try and daisy chain to many USB 3.0 hubs together and cap the data on a single USB controller with external drives ..... you can even hook them up with older non USB 3.0 and mine just fine but the total amount of TB's connected that way is much smaller. average block round is 4 min ... but you want to aim for a completed read time of under 60 sec and anything under 30 sec is great ... for fast round this will help you from missing out on a block ... if say you find a 50 sec deadline but it takes you 3 min of scanning to find it then you could possibly loose the round to anyone who had betwen a 1 min and 2 min deadline but found it in less than 60 sec

  • I use
    Vantec 4 Channel 6-Port SATA 6 Gb/s PCIe RAID Host Card Model UGT-ST644R with HyperDuo

    alt text

    Along with my Z75 intel chipset.

    I've got one port free on the vantec and one port free on the Z75 chipset.

  • i went with a LSI 9211-8i host bus adapter flashed to IT mode, expanded by a Intel RES2SV240. 28 ports available, can be expanded again to 48. I believe the expander (or maybe the HBA) can only handle 3GB/s bandwidth, but since these are all old and slow spinning disks, i'm not sure that would ever matter lol

    edit: yea i bought homelab stuff because I want a home lab lol, and burst paid for it 😃