Changing plotted (500gb) its account wallet..

  • Hi guys im a begginer in mining and just wana ask a question.
    so i just plotted a 500gb with 4 core 2.4ghz (took me about 8hrs). And i saw that there was below the menu that it needs a account wallet. So i filled it out..

    my question is after when its all plotted can i change the account wallet to another wallet?

    cause i just entered a pool called and the server has some problems and i would like to change and try other pools. But a problem is i need burstcoin to change my pool address (which i dont have at the moment). So i tried the faucet but some faucet are empty or only for new accounts.

    That is why i am ask if its possible to change the account wallet in the plotted 500gb and make a new wallet that i can have free faucet coin and connect the 2.

    thx i hope its not that confusing..

  • Post your BURST address and I'll send you a few BURST. You don't need to change wallet, just assign a new pool. The eu pool has been having a few issues lately but I'm sure they will be sorted soon.

  • thx man much appreciated..


  • I sent you 10 BURST, should be enough to sort you out :)