hello world!!

  • i think its working, i rebuild the plot yesterday, , so it takes me to this morning to start the miner,but i see green mesages on the miner say confirmed dl bla bla 9d

    but when i go to block explorer i see no mined blocks did i have to wait any time to update the database?

  • The pool says 1d what does it means? how can i know for sure its working??

  • admin

    @razzor 1D on the pool says you've earned 1 Burst, but it's not been paid out yet - it's Deferred

  • well i hope y can earn more i have my miner runing all day

  • Hy again sorry to have so many questions!

    i received a pay.

    Is it normal??

    the pool send me 2.46975946 + 1 for a day of mining with a 1 tb disk?

    only 2? profitability calculator says 500 its a biggg diference

    Thanks for the replies

  • admin

    @razzor According to http://burstcoin.biz/calculator 1TB will earn 27 Burst per day - this is a long term estimation, individual days will wildly vary depending on the luck of the pool.

  • well so i made 10 per cent of whats estimated,
    the way i see it if i lose 90 per cent anyone is wining my 90 per cent.

    I will wait to see my luck maybe tomorrow i win 190 per cent,
    but i have to tell you im a litle bit disapointed,
    i need 3 days just to pay the 5 burst to vaxman, and y promise to give him x4

    so i need 12 days

    doesnt look to profitable

  • @razzor Give it a few more days and weeks before jumping on conclusions 😉

  • thats what im doing,
    just because i liked some other aspects of the project,
    im jumping to 2 t disk,
    and waiting at least a week, to see what hapens.

    Thanks for all the suport!!

  • admin

    @razzor The calculator gives a long term estimate, you can't equate what it predicts with day to day earnings. Yesterday you earned 2 coins, tomorrow you could mine a block and get 1,500 coins. It's a long term average, not what you should get each day.

  • Folks have been doubting this coin for a long time. We are seeing a swing in value and awareness for Burst. The question is, do you want to generate coins and sell now? Or do you want to wait until it's grown in value?

    Burstcoin Monthly Value

    The fluorescent pink is when I got in. My burst overall is up.

  • @haitch

    I undrestand, but this have only hapened to me with this coin, since i have started with mining a month ago, i have mined ethereum, zcash, zclasic. monero, sia, bitcoin with antminers s7, dem with antminer s3 sib Lbry decreed, and burst.


    i hope profitability goes up the next days, but its not about if you want to stay or sell, its about profitability , its not stay to speculate to where te price goes so when its hi we all sell and goes down again and comunity dies

    Its how much for how much work and investment,
    miners are working and investing in harware,
    its not a loto at least i think so, thats whi you are on a pool(i can be wrong im the new guy).

    Think it this way
    for the same money i bouth a 6 tb disk, i can buy an rx580, this means 2,50 ethereum day , you go polo and buy burst, then come hear and invest, is that fair for miners?? no so finaly with no miners(they are all geting eth), sistem doestn work, i think it needs to be more balanced.

    but i dont want to bored you any more i think i write a lot yet dont kill me .
    please dont misundrestand me im not looking any bad to the project, just beeing honest.


  • @razzor welcome. It's niice to see people from el Cono Sur here 😉
    You have to take into account that the calculator gives you a rough average estimate of the coins you may mine with a given TB capacity. Also there have been people mining Burst here when it was around 60 sats or even less. You can do the math and figure out that with that price per Burst it wasn't profitable to mine, but people usually have a long term vision about Burst and its potential value. Even today with its current value it may be cheap if we think about the potential and so on... Your mining profitability will also depend on which pool you use, you will need to find one suitable for 1TB (small mining capacity) otherwise you won't make much. Have fun and happy bursting.

  • @vExact

    Thanks for the comments, what pool can be beter suited for 1,9 tb?, im in pool.burstcoin.biz

  • @razzor pool.burstcoin.biz is just fine, although a bit overcrowded 🙂 In any case you can always change around.

  • Vaxman thanks i sent you back

    i think i undrestand the lotery thing now, y have a day of 700 burst with 1.9tb and then stated with 5 burst again.

    strage thing

    thanks for all

  • @razzor you probably forged a block that day. You can go http://burstcoin.biz/ and enter your mining address and check where it says "Mined Blocks", and see the stats 🙂