New and having trouble with reward assignment

  • Ok so I'm new to this. I was able to successfully set up a wallet, sync it, plot 1TB of drive space and went to the one and only facet that was working, got one coin and was ready to go. Decided to go with since its small and I'm small. When I clicked change reward assignment, put in the proper info, i got an error stating I have no funds. When I look at transactions it appears that my one and only coin is gone.. but it doesn't say where it went =( No other facets are working, so how can I get started mining now? Am I out of luck? I of course tried to do a whole new wallet but the facet would not give me any more coin for the new wallet as it recognized me. are there other 'hidden' or unlisted faucets I could try?! I am very frustrated, any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • @cannabisdreams Sorry for being late, let me send u 5 burst

  • Thank you!! I am now mining in the pool with all of my newbie excitement!