Used HDD on ebay?

  • Does anyone buy used HDD on ebay (or elsewhere)?
    I'm currently watching some internal drives on eBay that could turn out to be really cheap per TB. And then I'd probably buy a docking station with USB3.0.
    Any similar thoughts out there?
    Any good docking stations that have multiple slots for further expansion?
    or do I use separate stations with a USB hub?

  • @mrgoldy

    LogiLink Quick Copy/Port, USB 3.0/eSATA (QP0022) ~25 $/port, 4 ports
    RaidSonic Icy Box IB-141CL-U3, USB 3.0 (20919) same
    RaidSonic Icy Box IB-120CL-U3, USB 3.0 (20907) ~20 $/port, 2 ports

    used disks - you never know what the owner did to them. And if the seller is not knowledgable, will send them barely protected. HDDs are fragile.
    On the other hand - buying 10 drives for the price of 3 (new) and throwing 2 away.. might still be a good deal.

  • I've bought a few, and haven't had a bad one yet. I had a 3tb drive crash, but I'm convinced it was the dock I plugged it into and not necessarily the fault of the drive (which tested 100% healthy before and after formatting prior to plotting, and then crashed during plotting).

    One fool put a 2.5 (not for plotting) in a padded envelope and then didn't mark fragile on the outside... It dropped a good three feet through the letterbox onto hardwood floor.

    Just make sure you ask your drives be marked fragile. Seriously... that was a one off and more the fault of the parcel deliverer.

    Previous feedback is a pretty good metric of how well your item is going to be packaged and in what condition it's in... it's all there on each sellers profile.

    Happy hunting 🙂