no percentage in plotting

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    take a look at my cmd...start plotting but no that ok?
    and currently my cpu usage at 100% while that normal? it's look like java took 99% of cpu usage.


  • The CPU usage is normal. You should not have a sustained CPU usage of 100% but instead ups and downs that come in waves of 30 seconds. I can recommend wplotgenerator.exe (for windows) as I have used it for all of my plots. Plots can take a long time to produce a single percentage which can be calculated. A single nounce is 256Kb of data, take your nounce per time period and then calculate MB per minute you are plotting, for example plotting a 4TB drive with wplotgenerator on my system took 20 hours making a single percent 12 minutes in my case.

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    @IceBurst He can't use wplotgenerator because he has a 32 bit system.

    @Axander Your plotting process looks fine. It's different to the 64 bit version - it doesn't show percentage, but that doesn't really matter.