GpuPlotGenerator, direct , Plotting Stuck at .04-0.11%

  • Hi All.
    starts plotting with DRECT then gets stuck at .04%?
    Any ideas? I have changed all sorts of parameters...with no luck.
    freezes at .04%-0.11%
    if start with BUFFER evrithing is going good.

    Any idea?

    Thanks guys.

  • admin

    @Solovey4ik This is normal. In direct mode the plotter creates a blank file, then fills it in. Depending on the size of the plot you're creating it can sit at that initial plotted percentage for many hours. Once the blank file is created the mining percentage will start increasing.

  • Thank you for quick response!

  • I found in my experience if I ever hit 100% resource usage while plotting it would stop, and not continue. I would have to restart the plot in that case.

    Not sure if this is what is happening to you or not, but always a possibility!

  • @Eq So how did you manage to fix the 100% usage problem?

    I'm having similar issue...

  • admin

    @Marc_Chabot_ph You mean the drive is 100 full, and the plotter is stuck?

    Max size to use is: floor((<drive size in bytes> / 262144) / stagger) * stagger
    The plotter will always plot a multiple of your stagger number of nonces - so make sure that the number of nonces is a multiple of your stagger, and that <number of nonces> * 262144 < size of drive in bytes.

  • I updated the GPU plot generator (v4.1.1). It now comes with file pre-allocation when launched with admin rights, which greatly speed things up in terms of IO operations when using direct writing strategy.