Hi! Beware, newbie at large!

  • Hi, I have just started and have a few questiions.

    1. Would people mining with 1 Tb please be so kind as to share their experiences of various pools they have tried?
    2. I read that smaller size miners should join pools with longer target deadlines. On this advice, I have joined pool.burstcoin.party. I see they haven't found any blocks in the last 10 days. Should that worry me?
    3. I am finding quite a lot of very long deadlines - like 40 days, 60 days etc. This doesnt seem to be of any practical use, or do I misunderstand?
    4. Is there an optimal target deadline for 1Tb and if so, what do you consider optimal?
    5. I know the answer to this one isn't "cut and dried", but if anyone is willing to stick their neck out, which pool would you recommend for me and why?
    6. My local wallet doesn't seem to want to sync. I have tried deleting the database and starting over, but after 12 hours it is only on 24%. What are the implications of this and should I do? (if anything)

    Sorry to bother you with these questions, which may seem pretty basic to some of you, but I would rather ask people who know these things than waste months trying to figure them out by trial and error.

    Thanks in advance

  • #1 over time you will earn the same regardless of pool .. the question is do you want lots regular small payouts or vary few larger payout's and yes with anything under 5TB i would recomend any pool that accepts longer deadlines as that will earn you a better average in the historical shares of rewards. length of deadlines is a lotto ... deadlines are a Hash of your plots on your HDD space in terms of how many seconds it would take for that nonce scoop to process the block, the miner that submits the shortest deadline wins that block. the only way to improve deadlines is to add more TB's of HDD space witch will produce more deadlines and improve your chances that one or more of them will be a winning hash... it still has a bit of luck factor... the network is set to aim for an average block time of 4 min it is often longer or shorter just an average. so any deadline under 8 min or so is a good deadline with a chance of possibly winning. you will earn burst from non winning deadlines if you mine in a pool most pools do a 60/40 split 60% to current block round submission's divided up based on length of the deadlines. and 40% to the historic shares witch can varry pool to pool but most are a running total of best deadline submited by each miner for the last 50 block's combined that is where you will earn most of your burst. there is no way to get an optimal deadline but you can do things to tweak your mining scan times as every block is aprox 4 min you want to try and scan all plots in less than 60 sec or even 30 sec... as on fast blocks if you find a 2 min deadline but it takes you 3 min to find it then anyone who finds for example and 2:30 sec deadline but found it in under 30 sec would win the block not you. for smaller miners there are many pools you can check http://util.burst-team.us:8888/network to see various pools and target deadlines they take. last you can find a zip of the data base here in another thread you can down load faster than leting the wallet synq by its self as well as instructions of how to manuly add it to the wallet file's

  • @Gibsalot thank you for the helpful explanation. Much appreciated