Hi, just started. So much to learn???!!!

  • Hi, I am an older, non-technical kinda guy. It makes sense to me to utilize free hdd space for mining, but there seems to be such a lot to consider. Head is spinning a bit. Anyhow, I guess we all have to start somewhere!

  • @willward Welcome ! You will get used to it fast, just a bit of learning to do and you will be good to go (and that's coming from a non-technical guy too) :)

  • same here, not techy, but everyone here is really good about answering questions. I still have a bunch of questions, but everyday I come in here and read a little bit more.

  • @willward Welcome to the forum! Learning this stuff does have a high learning curve. Yet, you will get the hang of it.

    Don't be a stranger when asking questions. Many people throughout the world visit here. So, if your question doesn't get answered quickly, give it a little time. Someone will come around and answer it.